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my roommate just got her period and came storming into the kitchen shouting THIS IS JUST NOT AN EFFICIENT REWARD SYSTEM FOR NOT GETTING PREGNANT.

As a proud woman, do you think if your man watches porn it's the same as cheating on you? Society tells men it's ok to watch porn and it basically perpetuates rape culture since men don't want to pleasure their gfs. Porn is like a gateway drug





It’s literally worse than cheating. All porn is literally rape, since the women involved are literally  too stupid to make their own career choices and are literally being raped by the patriarchy.. By watching porn, you are literally paying for and endorsing the rape of a woman, which means you’re literally a rapist on top of being a cheater. Not that it makes a difference. Literally all men are already rapists, but watching porn confirms it. If you catch your bf watching porn, literally kill him it’s for equality

………. Nah

google Andrea Dworkin

If this ain’t the dumbest shit


Personally for me, I don't think a movie can create fake doms. There is a lot of BDSM books out there and even fan fictions. If your worried about 'fake' people. Than be aware of people. Ask questions. Deal with your safety. More education is better. 50 shades of grey is a pleasure novel, same with the movie. It's like romance movies. They have no bases in real life. (I mean look at Disney and when people complain they don't have a fairy tale ending like those movies do)



I agree.

-Momma Foxxie

Books, movies, novels, Tv shows, the media, etc can influence people which can create fake Doms. 

I’m lucky to know about safety but a new to the lifestyle person joining in or checking it out may not. 

We already have problematic propaganda in the DDLG community and other BDSM communities that state you cannot say no or you do what a Dom wants. 

This information to a new sub or anyone checking out the BDSM community with give them mixed ideas about the lifestyle. 

Pleasure novel or not, this is a mainstream, popular movie/book glorifying BDSM. Of course people will be interested and wanna try it. And of course some will skip the tutorial/how tos and jump right it. Does it mean it’s their fault? 

Not really. 

I place more blame on the preying abusive men claiming to be Doms, preying on people then I do the ill informed victim. 

Also not everyone has the resources to get educated on BDSM. Yes there are books and the internet but some people don’t have access to these. 


Source Want more facts? Why not follow Ultrafacts


#this looks like a still from an 80’s movie

You have no idea how long I had to look before I realized this was Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis.


If there isn’t already a nail polish color called “Vakarian Blue,” somebody needs to make one.

Those of you who are friends with me on Steam may have noticed that I played an embarrassing amount of Mass Effect 2 over the weekend (I’m only what—a couple years late to the party??).  Garrus x FemShep is my new obsession favorite thing, and so I took a break from commissioned work to do this.  Aaand it is now an ungodly hour of the morning, and I can’t make myself care about turian (or human, for that matter) anatomy anymore.  For some reason, bioware didn’t see fit to have Garrus in really any state of undress at any point in time in any of the games, so I had a pretty limited set of reference images to work with. :P

ANYWAY.  brb, going to sleep/drown in Shakarian feels forever


He was almost President.


"Our Future Friends" Japanese children parading with U.S. and Japanese flags. Sept. 27, 1905