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Do any of your characters do any sexy time roleplaying stuff?


Rhoamanie loves roleplaying



and Ashley quiet enjoys it as well~

So you're saying not to give Ubisoft any money, but what about all the people that made the game that was just following the directions that the directors told them. You're telling everyone to boycott Ubisofts game but that would mean that all of the people that only did as they were told will be out of money. And that will mean that their families will fill the struggle of said drought of money. Every action has a reaction.







Why the fuck are you talking to me? Who are you? I’m not even fucking reading this lol

Because you’re being a stuck up bitch.

you’re right, and this is the point where i laugh at you hahaha

Boys are so fucking sensitive.

Whenever women say “I don’t want this game because it forces me to play a dude when they could have given me options” they shed enough tears to fill an ocean.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the developers/composers, etc. are paid based on games produced, not units sold (at least this was how it was during the n64 days) so that point is moot…

I was going to point this out to him, but decided to just not even give him the time of day. I’m almost certain that programmers(on a multinational scale like ubisoft especially) are paid for their work as they do it, and the only people who enjoy the profits of the game doing well are the CEOs - and the designers and programmer groups gain prestige + value to the company for doing a good job with it. 

Isn’t it priceless when gamer boys try to sound knowledgeable about video games, but just end up embarrassing themselves infront of a bunch of girls??


Teen Titans &Young Justice by Pericles Junior


Princess Koriand’r / Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws #33


I still think about Mordin a lot.

I recommend everyone unfollow me.


Justice will have his cuddles by any means necessary~


Some freckly faced babes

who wakes up one morning to find the other passed away in their sleep between shep & garrus?



I had this mostly written in response to a kiss meme prompt, ‘eyelid kiss’ that servantofclio requested. Only 8 months late… Now seems like a perfect time to post it. *glares at anon*


Only a week ago they tangoed in the backyard.

Each movement slow and precise, designed to be easy on his hundred and forty-seven year old body. Afterward, they went to the bedroom, ready to continue the dance, but when his plates wouldn’t spread, they simply held each other and whispered sweet nothings instead. Even after a hundred and fifteen years, his voice still soothed her soul.

And the last thing she heard him say before falling asleep were the words, “I love you, Shepard.”

He didn’t wake the next morning.

A stroke, they told her. Massive. He’ll never wake, the doctors said. If he does, he won’t ever be the same.

The doctors wanted to take him to the hospital, but Shepard refused. They offered life-support machines that could be brought into their bedroom. She put her foot down. Garrus hated fighting in hospitals. She wouldn’t let him die in one.

The last week had been a flurry of vid calls to their children, grandchildren and even a few great grandchildren spread all over the galaxy. Every child they had raised made the journey and brought their families if they could. Friends flocked to the house she and Garrus called home for the last fifty years. One by one they came into the small bedroom and said their goodbyes.

And now it was time for Shepard to say goodbye. There wasn’t much time left, the doctors said. Family and friends all understood that his last moments belonged to her alone.

Shepard took Garrus’ hand - his talons dull, the knuckles swollen with age and arthritis - in hers. She could think of no words to say; she had already thanked him for every moment of their lives together with every look and every touch.

She didn’t like to think how long he’d be waiting in that bar without her. Those Cerberus mods were even better than advertised and Shepard barely looked one hundred. Doctors said she would easily reach two hundred and twenty-five, maybe even two hundred and fifty. But she wouldn’t think about the years stretching in front of her without Garrus by her side. Not now. He deserved better than that.

He’d find friends waiting for him at the bar at least: Victus, Tali and Vega. He’d have his squad back - Erash, Monteague, Mierin, Grundan Krul, Melanis, Ripper, Sensat, Vortash, Butler, Weaver - and she wouldn’t allow them to be forgotten.

His breathing slowed and Shepard held his hand and waited. She tried to remember the happy times, their date on the Presidium, the day they wed, the day they met each of their children for the first time.

Then he breathed in one last time and this time didn’t breath out. Once sure, Shepard stood up and placed her hand under his mandible. “I’ll always love you,” she whispered before leaning over, kissing his right eyelid, then his left, followed by his nose and his mouth plates.

Tears slid down her cheeks but she did not cry aloud. There would be plenty of time for that later. Now was the time for their family and friends. She straightened and thought of their legacy in the next room, of their children, now capable adults with families of their own. Shepard adored them all and felt her heart clench with love for Garrus and for their family. She might live the next one hundred years without Garrus, but their family would always be there.

And, she thought, as she squeezed his hand one last time before heading out to tell everyone the news, she would never be alone.



Aylona Lavellan! tattoos will come when we have examples.. elf inquisitor. we’ve been studying early religious works and sure enough i’m obsessed with their saintly halos….. oops ‘u’



…If Shepard made an instagram account during ME1.  Obviously, selfies continue to stay in-vogue well past the year 2183.