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when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes







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I would like to extend Easter greetings to everyone celebrating today with this beautiful photograph of two women in Harlem on Easter Sunday 1947 by the legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004). My favorite fun fact about Mr. Cartier-Bresson is that he and Langston Hughes were roommates as young struggling artists in Mexico in the 1930s. Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos.
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The only reason this sorry excuse for a president was ever elected is because of his skin color.

And you’d rather have had Romney?

Of course
Why not?

Because if America had Romney, the unemployment rate would skyrocket.
Sadly enough, his policies only benefit the middle to upper class.
If America elects Romney, poverty rates  will grow faster and faster.
I personally think that Obama is not the best president for the job, but he was certainly the best at the time.
The alternative would not have been useful.
Also, free healthcare? What the hell is so bad about that?

Are you fucking kidding me? You think Obama is helping poverty by giving welfare to anyone who wants it for as long as they want? You think Obama is helping unemployment by trying to raise the minimum wage to $11?
You don’t know what’s wrong with free health care? Well first of all it’s not free shmuck, it’s payed for by healthy Americans who rates go up, because they don’t need all the coverage, it’s only cheaper for unhealthy slobs and but that’s hardly the only problem.
Can you name one country with socialized healthcare that is at the rate of America? Look at clinics in Britain and compare them to doctors offices in America. You want America to end up like Britain?

White people are so mad

so mad over what tho its unnecessary we know its not free we know how shit works come one.

Well, yeah. It’s obvious it’s not actually “free.” It’s affordable for certain people, but not free.

Only the surface of the bullshit on this post was touched.
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In “So Many Birthdays”, when Steven is talking about how his dad made him that costume and how it brings him special birthday luck, and Amethyst makes this face which is just… I dunno, it’s very “wow, you’re too precious, I love you so much”. It’s very “older sibling”, at least in my opinion because I have the exact same reaction whenever my little sister does or says something sweet out of the blue.
I kinda feel like people tend to write off Amethyst’s relationship with Steven, since she isn’t motherly like Pearl or as responsible as Garnet. But I think it’s pretty important since she definitely has the most “big sister” type relationship with him (although honestly, all of them read as big sisters of him to me) and that usually has a connotation of conflict or disinterest, but there’s none of that here. They get along very well, have a lot of the same interests. She roughhouses and teases him but it’s never with any malice. She plays around with him a lot, like in “Together Breakfast” she just picks him up and tosses him on one of her junk piles while joking around with him and it’s just really cute. She encourages him to do things which, sure, is a little reckless, but if you never try to do something you’ll never know if you can.
But then there’s stuff like “Cat Fingers”. She jokes and kids around but once he decides he really wants to try shapeshifting, she stops all that and genuinely tries to teach him. She tells him he should try something simpler than a lion, because she knows it would be easier, and then tries to guide him through her process. When he can’t seem to do it, she doesn’t get angry or tease him, she asks if they should try later and tells him it was a good try. In “Cheeseburger Backpack”, she talks Pearl into letting Steven come, encourages him by using his strategies and chanting about the backpack, and tries to cheer him up when his attempts don’t work out. In “Tiger Millionaire”, she has him come along and have fun but won’t let him actually fight (ostensibly because she wants to do all the fighting, but likely also because she wouldn’t put him in that sort of danger).
I dunno. Its just so apparent that all the Gems (and his dad, of course) love Steven SO MUCH. Whenever the show demonstrates it, whether it be in big obvious ways, or little ways like this, it just makes me love the show even more. That all these characters have such radically different personalities and opinions and ways to do things but all love and care for Steven to the best of their ability. It’d be so easy to make Steven a tag-along kid who no one really wants around, who causes trouble like they expect but makes up for it much to their annoyance. Or to even make one of them not like having him around (which is a very very common trope for sibling characters). But the show doesn’t. They all genuinely want him around (and in instances they don’t, it’s very apparent it’s out of concern for his safety, not because he’ll be in the way).

Have I ever told you that I love reading your opinions about the show? Seriously this is perfect! ♥
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Circus Tree: Six individual sycamore trees were shaped, bent, and braided to form this.

how the hell do you bend and braid a tree

Actually pretty easy. Trees don’t reject tissue from other trees in the same family. You bend the tree to another tree when it is a sapling, scrape off the bark on both trees where they touch, add some damp sphagnum moss around them to keep everything slightly moist and bind them together. Then wait a few years- The trees will have grown together. You can use a similar technique to graft a lemon branch or a lime branch or even both- onto an orange tree and have one tree that has all three fruits.Frankentrees.

As a biologist I can clearly state that plants are fucking weird and you should probably be slightly afraid of them.

On that note! At the university (UBC) located in town, the Agriculture students were told by their teacher that a tree flipped upside down would die. So they took an excavator and flipped the tree upside down. And it’s still growing. But the branches are now the roots, and the roots are now these super gnarly looking branches. Be afraid.

But Vi, how can you mention that and NOT post a picture? D:


Whaaaaaaaaaaaa???? I love nature!!!!!
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ekki-neitt asked:
How are the black panthers different from the KKK? Publicly shouting that we need to kill cracker babies is somehow okay because the group is black? Do you realize how fucking dumb you sound?









When was the last time the Black panthers Lynched anyone?

When’s the last time the Black Panthers burned crosses in someone’s yard?

When’s the last time the Black Panthers completely destroyed white towns for fear of their prosperity?

Have the panthers ever burned down any white schools to keep white people “in their place”?

Are these white folks serious?! Please, please…do yourselves a favor and earn some citations on this country’s history. The Black Panthers were NOT like the Klu Klux Klan. Their objective was not to go around and terrorize and murder white people. The KKK however, was definitely a reactionary terrorist/extremist group. The Klan emerged during “The Nadir” (the lowest point) in 1877, after poor and disenfranchised whites stomped out Reconstruction and Blacks ultimately lost their civil rights. White people losing their mobility in this country was the core reason for terrorizing African Americans, but after that bullshit, 15 reels, massive 3-hour long movie “The Birth of a Nation" was released in 1915, now all of a sudden, Black people became barraged with this false image of themselves as threatening, violent, and barbaric, particularly to white women in society (The New Negro Crime) which ultimately led to hundred of thousands of lynchings and murders of Blacks in America. The Klan had one objective, to exterminate Black people. They spurred false rhetoric, hate, and violence…that’s it!

The Black Panthers was a revolutionary socialist organization that started in the mid-1960’s in Oakland, CA aiming to PROTECT the Black community. They were against police brutality, imperialism, capitalism or anything they felt was detrimental to Black Americans. They wanted Black people to fend for themselves, that’s why they carried guns, and they used them cautiously. They helped the sick, the poor, single mothers and their children, they even implemented a free ambulance and breakfast program in the community, yet they’re like the KKK?! Their goals were simple: quality education, housing, employment, and civil rights.They were not a violent group and neither was Malcolm X, contrary to popular opinion, they just believed in their right to self defense.The bottom line is, The Black Panther Party was a mobilization by African Americans, and people of the African descent across the world to break down institutionalized oppression by any means necessary. And FYI, many whites supported like Marlon Brando, and others.

*Don’t disrespect my people and Blackness!




I love the dialogue that whitepeoplesaidwhat starts.

just so you know this mothafucka a troll -Holly

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